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Does your organization need to integrate planetary health solutions into its operations?

Santerre provides a roadmap to improve environmental and public health outcomes tailored to your organization's needs and constraints.

Santerre's approach

Questions raised in theory can only be addressed through direct engagement.

Santerre focuses on converting concept into practice by providing entities working with limited resources with practical, actionable solutions to planetary health issues.

Santerre's cross-disciplinary approach to problem-solving breaks down barriers between domains in human health and the natural world.  It integrates emerging scholarship and an evidence-based approach with local knowledge and the recognition of context constraints to develop solutions tailored for each unique situation.

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)

Santerre serves:

  • Identifying actionable issues for an environmentally responsible humanitarian and development interventions

  • Reducing environmental impact, particularly in contexts with limited resources

  • Developing long-term program sustainability for handover to national partners in contexts with limited resources


  • Meeting targets outlined in the Sustainable Development Goals, disaster risk reduction frameworks, and international accords

  • Developing policy that improves health and environmental outcomes while taking into account context limitations


  • Addressing quality of life for residents

  • Improving local health outcomes

  • Addressing desirability to live there through health and environmental considerations

  • Integrating environmental concerns and disaster risk reduction strategies into actionable policy

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